Telecom Services



Power Plant

A&T Telecom offers complete power plant services. We specialize in new builds, hot swaps and any other work inside of or outside of the maintenance window. A&R’s technicians are familiar with all wireless carriers access procedures and very good at keeping cell sites live during hot swaps.We offer verity of Power Plant services from maintenance,replacement, new builds, audit & power calculation study, troubleshooting and emergency repairs. We also, provide 24/7 service.



For over 20 years A&R Telecom has been one of the leaders in California providing battery services for the telecom industry, critical power, and renewable energy applications.Our Battery services suite include: new battery install, replacement, battery testing & load test, preventative maintenance and Removal and disposal of lead acid batteries & flooded lead acid batteries, Certificates of disposal available upon request.



We offer a complete suite of HVAC Services. Our commercial HVAC services provide building owners greater means of establishing energy efficiency and sustainability. Not only can A&R Telecom design, build and install your HVAC system, we significantly reduce ongoing operational costs by performing preventative routine maintenance to ensure your HVAC system is running optimally.


General Site Maintenance

A&R Telecom offers a wide range of preventative maintenance services. From troubleshooting to Weed abatement, from emergency replacements to general maintenance, we cover every aspect of a wireless deployment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

Compound and building maintenance
Site access management
Access road repairs
Generator repair and maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance
Weed abatement
Preventative Maintenance
Battery Maintenance
Shelter/Cabinet equipment troubleshooting & repair



A&R Telecom offers warehousing and logistic to meet the needs of large and small organizations since 2005. Whether you’re considering switching from a 3PL firm that is not meeting your needs, expanding into new markets or just starting out, A&R Telecom Warehousing is here for you.


EHS Battery Removal & Disposal

A&R Telecom is an approved battery vendor who have contractually complied to the telecom carriers Lead Acid Battery Recycling Policy and EH&S Practices and Procedures for the removal and or recycling of Used Lead Acid Batteries within the United States of America