Build Faster, Build Better

AisleFrame by vision-tech  takes a simplistic approach to a typically complex design. The flexible system is designed to provide a complete solution for not only aisle containment, but also provide a sleek floor-supported platform that serves as the infrastructure carrier for busway, cable tray, and fiber runner.

An Exercise in Elegance

Traditional methods for supporting data center infrastructure such as aisle containment, power distribution, and cable routing are costly and time consuming. These methods require structural ceilings, underfloor pathways, and a building that can support the entire weight or design of it.

This can require multiple trades working on a project on top of each other to accomplish the designed intent…

Aisle Frame provides a method for the rapid deployment of infrastructure support and aisle containment. It can be erected quickly and placed in a building that does not have an expensive structural ceiling. This allows mission-critical facilities to build and scale data centers quickly and efficiently.

All cable pathways can be installed at the time of the Aisle Frame and the busway as well, allowing the electricians to come back and energize the busway as the IT footprint expands.